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Theotherapy ( Greek -"God Heals") is a God centered Christian ministry committed to the healing of the whole person - spirit, soul and body.  1 Thessalonians 5: 23 & 24

From the day we are born, whether it be in a good solid family foundation or to dysfunction, we will face conflict. Year after year, by the time we as  children are adolescents, the amount of unresolved conflicts is astounding. That said, the adolescent years bring new pressures resulting in more conflict which greatly affect our behavior as an adult.

In many cases the behavior (symptoms) manifests itself in anger issues, addictions such as drug,alcohol abuse, pornograhy, poor job performance, marriage/divorce, not to mention the greater problem growing in society today, that of sexual/physicical/emotional abuses and many more.

Dr Mario Rivera Mendez, the founder of Theotherapy, has said that "good theology is good psychology".

As an eclectic (draws from several sources) ministry, Theotherapy , uses the Word of God as the standard of truth and a guide to psychological principles that bring about the healing process.

God is at work in helping to integrate our spirit, soul and body based on His Word in 1 Thessalonians 5: 23 & 24. There He says that He will sanctify us through and through.He is faithful and He will do it.

Theotherapy facilitators (trained) help to create an environment where people feel safe. When we feel safe, we can open up and begin the healing process of the many unresolved conflicts of our youth, allowing the Holy Spirit into the deep hurt places of our lives, where His presence brings healing.

Quotes: Dr. Mario Rivera 

"I don't have any problems...I am the problem".
"When the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change...we will change".

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Feelings never grow old. They Must Be Diffused, The Mind must be Renewed, The Will must be laid Down at the Cross
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